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It’s time to get healthier, with exercise and a lot of fun.

March 12th, 2019 by

Exercise doesn’t your way to a healthier 2020 at Campaign!

Cancel the gym membership and get outside into the great outdoors for a session of paintballing or Laser Tag in Surrey. A mere 30-minute drive from London, it’s easy to get to and once you do you’re guaranteed something incredibly rare – a fun work out that you don’t even notice is a form of exercise.

runnerA game of paintball is a great way to escape the winter blues – you no longer have to dread getting back into shape after too much Turkey and Christmas pud. Dads and Kids as young as eight are welcome for games of mini paintball (as low as 6 for Laser Tag) and all protective equipment is provided.

You’re constantly on the move while paintball or Laser Tag and this will naturally increase your cardio fitness and with all the ducking, bending and dodging will tone leg, arm and ab muscles also.

While playing paintball or Laser Tag in Cobham you won’t even notice you’re out of breath (unless your running with the flag and being chased by the opposition:) You’ll be in a 100-acre forest, laughing and strategising with friends and family alike, trying to win. With 12 different movie sets to choose from, your environment will constantly change to keep you challenged and entertained.

You won’t be on a moving treadmill going nowhere. You’ll be running towards a more fun, fitter self – and it won’t be hard work.

Cats and dogs..

February 21st, 2014 by

To say we have had a lot of rain recently is an understatement..however, we have no flooding and the forest has coped with it surprisingly well ( those medieval farmers certainly knew how to manage the forest). Anyway, to prepare for the spring season we have just taken delivery of 3 truck loads of wood chips to give our forest paths and trails a nice clean up!