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Book a session at Campaign Paintball for Mother’s Day

March 9th, 2015 by

While some mothers do genuinely want chocolates and flowers, why not do something different this year and take the whole family out for a day of paintballing near London? Sometimes, the quirkier the idea, the better.

Every year, people around the world frantically search for the right card, the most beautiful bouquet of flowers or most meaningful box of chocolates that will let their mothers know they’re appreciated. Sunday is Mother’s Day and it’s time to step up and surprise them with some paintball in Surrey.

Sure, cook them breakfast in bed and maybe even get them a spa treatment on the side but paintball is a hilarious way to go out and have fun as a family. While a bit off the wall, some mothers would genuinely love taking aim at family members that perhaps forgot her birthday or didn’t wash up the dishes last night.

Easy to get to, our Cobham paintball site is only a half hour drive from London. With high-tech, protective gear that will keep everyone safe and (mostly) clean, let her choose which of the 12 movie sets you all play on. If she’s a bit wary of being hit by paintballs, and some of your family are especially young, opt for our lazer tag games. With 100 acres of wood to run around, everyone will love getting an extra dose of fresh spring air.

At our paintball venue, she won’t have to prepare lunch (it’s provided) or entertain the kids and the husband (we’ll do that for you). Afterwards you can treat her to dinner (and maybe a glass of wine) at the Black Swan pub – it’s only 500 yards away from Campaign Paintball.

All in all, it’ll be a Mother’s Day everyone will cherish.


Cubs & Scouts visit Campaign paintball

March 2nd, 2015 by

Campaign Paintball loves welcoming Scout and Cub members to our hallowed fields. And luckily, they like visiting.

Our paintball site is a great outdoors venue for Scouts and Cubs to experience and where they can work together as a team towards a common goal. Not to mention that it’s a professional and well-equipped venue that holds full public liability insurance and is an accredited member of the UK Paintball Sports Federation.

We keep up the high standards Scouts and Cubs need to visit for a day of paintballing in Surrey. It’s approved by the UKPSF – it’s a fully accredited five-star rated member of The United Kingdom Sports Federation. This means that no only do you benefit from our staff’s great knowledge, charm and overall service but our high level of health and safety means everyone will walk out of our 100-acre fields happy, and in one piece.

Our health and safety is, in part, due to our high-tech gear. From full head protection goggles that prevent fogging (so you can see and shoot with ease!) to custom body armour, everyone from Beavers to Scouts will be given everything they need to make sure they’re safe while having fun.

For the young Beavers, we’ve got lazer tag that can be enjoyed by little ones from six onwards. It’s a non-impact sport that’s just as fun as paintball. Some adults even prefer it!

For eight to ten year olds, mini paintball is available. It comes with lighter guns and those paintballs hit with a little less impact – great for nervous kids.

Our regular paintball games (for ages 10 to 17) are loved just as much by teenagers as it is by adults. Run, duck and play across 12 different movie sets and strategise your way to victory. While a fantastic day out, paintball helps kids learn how to work in teams, gives them some much-needed fresh air and exercise, and helps their creativity grow.

There’s really no downside.

Go Paintballing for Valentine’s Day

February 12th, 2015 by

Skip the chocolates, flowers and bottles of wine this Valentine’s Day – it’s all about paintballing this February.

Valentine’s Day is all about couples coming together and having fun, or so it should be. Eschew those Hallmark cliches – a hilarious day of paintballing in Surrey is something you can both enjoy. In fact, you could ask a bunch of other fun-loving couples to join you.

Hop in the car – Campaign Paintball is only a 25-minute drive away from southwest London. Once you set foot into our 100-acre forest, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of. We’ll provide the protective gear, the guns, and the games. Choose from our 12 movie set game zones and get strategising!

If you want to bring the little ones along, it can be a family affair. We cater for kids as young as eight and if they’re nervous about being hit with paintballs, we have low-impact guns that will put them at ease.

And if no one wants to get splattered with paint, our lazer tag games are a hit with all ages! Grab that gun and start hiding behind those trees – this Valentine’s Day just got a bit more epic.

If some girlfriends still need convincing, Kate Middleton herself visited our Surrey paintball site. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie brought their kids over for a game. If it’s good enough for royalty (of the country and the Hollywood sort), how can you say no?



Campaign hosts incredible stag parties

November 17th, 2014 by

The season is upon us – and no, not just Christmas. With winter comes romantic snowy weddings (if they’re lucky) and with it, an influx of hilarious stag parties. What better way to celebrate your friend’s upcoming nuptials by dressing him as a brightly coloured bunny so he’s an easy target? Campaign Paintball does it best!

Forget Vegas – Campaign Paintball is where it’s at! Just a mere 25-minute drive from southwest London and located over 100-acres, it’s the perfect place for rowdy stag parties.

At £42.95 per person, our stag paintball days are worth every penny. You’ll get to try out our fantastic 12 movie sets armed with the latest semi-automatic guns, 500 paintballs each, and even a smoke bomb or two. Our paintball site in Cobham even provides a ‘Stag hunt’ if you’re so inclined (even if the groom-to-be isn’t).

After a full day of fun and friendly competition, not to mention a BBQ lunch break, we’ll hand out trophies at a presentation at the end of the day. Head over to The Black Swan, which is only 500 hundred yards away – a great place to start drinking the day away!

And if you’re worried your antics later on will blur your memory of a day of paintballing at Campaign, have no fear – we can always film the day for you!

That’s not to say hens can’t join in on the fun! You can always see who comes out victorious with a game of hens vs stags. Let the best player win!


Campaign Paintball London – the perfect day trip

October 19th, 2014 by

Come rain or shine, a day trip paintballing in Surrey at Campaign never fails to entertain people of all ages.

With the return of our rainy English weather, no one can decide how to spend their weekends. Kids are cooped up, teenagers are bored and adults are desperately trying not to spend all their time in a pub. Luckily, Campaign is convenient if you want to spend a day paintballing, as it’s just southwest of the city!

A mere 25-minute journey away, paintballing in Surrey has never looked better. Set in a 100-acre forest, people of all ages can get a large dose of fresh air while running around our 12 movie set game zones, but that’s only one of the reasons Campaign is one of the top places to go for paintballing in London and Surrey.

We’ve got everything covered at our paintball site for children birthday parties or family day trips. Our friendly instructors are on hand to make sure everyone is safe and happy, with our high-tech protective gear, from non-fog goggles to camouflaged combat suits.

After all those hours cooped inside, the kids can burn all their extra energy at our mini paintballing sessions at Campaign – they’ve got eight to ten action-packed games. Lunch is provided and awards will be handed out at the end of the day to celebrate all those winning victory shots.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the adults at our paintball site in Cobham. From birthdays to stag parties (winter wedding season is coming up!), hilarious days out spent shooting paintballs at each other and playing lazer games never fail to entertain the masses.

We’ve got a host of events coming up, including some corporate and office paintball events and a kid’s Halloween paintball day. It’s all go when you’re paintballing at Campaign. Book us quick so you don’t miss out on all the fun.



October 9th, 2014 by


It’s Autumn and it’s October – a fantastic time to enjoy the spectacle of leaves changing colour and the crunch of leaves underfoot! Now is one the best times of year to be outside in our 100 acre forest. It’s not too hot, not too cold and the air is clean and fresh.

We are open every weekend throughout the Autumn. Looking for ideas for the kids at Half term? On October 28th we are holding a Half-term / Halloween paintball day for children aged 10-14. For more information contact our event organiser on 01932 865 999 or email us info@campaignpaintbnall.com