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Thanks to Daylight Time Savings, you have an extra hour to play paintball

March 30th, 2015 by

This Sunday, we lost an hour of sleep.  With the clocks turning back, it also means we have an extra hour of daylight – summer is officially here!

Despite the weather’s lack of cooperation, Daylight Savings has dictated the start of the best season of the year so who are we to argue. And with that extra hour of daylight comes great responsibility – how will you spend it?

We’ve got an idea – use it on a day of paintballing near London at Campaign! As we cater for those as young as six, paintballing in Surrey is also a pretty terrific option for parents looking to amuse their kids over the summer holidays.

From junior paintball and lazer tag to multi-activities that will have you all laughing, joking and competing together, there’s no better place to spend your summer.

We’ve got smaller, lower impact guns for the little ones, 12 different game zones to entertain the masses, and lazer tag for those who don’t fancy getting splattered with paint. Luckily, for those who do, we’ve got high-tech equipment that allows you to play without being hindred by fogged up glasses or restrictive clothing.

While we offer up delicious lunches for those who stay all day, there’s also a fantastic pub that’s just feet away which is just waiting to be used by hungry groups of families and friends.

At our paintballing site in Cobham, summer 2015 has begun – come join in!