Registration Form

This needs to be filled out by the organising parent with a list of ALL those taking part and sent back to us at least 2 days before the day. (Other parents do not need to do this) You will also need to digitally sign the form before submission to ensure you accept our booking provision which is declared within the form.

If you prefer to print off the form instead and either bring it with you or email it to us, you can download the full application form here.

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Any health issues we need to be made aware of?

I have permission of the parents of those named to partake in paintball or laser games. They understand that there are hazards in the woods: fallen trees, sharp objects, trip hazards, holes etc. and that paintballs can sometimes bruise the skin. I, on behalf of the players mentioned above, confirm that Paintball (UK) Ltd, trading as Campaign, shall not be liable for any damage, cost or expenses arising from his/her attendance, except in the respect of death or personal injury resulting from any omission or act of negligence. All participants will be given full instruction on the game & site rules, use of the equipment, and safety procedures. These rules are to ensure safe play and to maximise the enjoyment of all those taking part. I understand that failure to follow these rules may disqualify this individual or their group from continuing to participate in the game. Refunds will not be issued in such instances. I believe the children to be physically fit and able to participate in the games and recognise that the game may require a level of exertion. Please declare to the Game manager any illnesses such as asthma, heart disease etc as these conditions may be aggravated by participation. An accident book is available and any injury must be notified, recorded and signed by the injured person. We occasionally take photographs of customers for use on our website. If this is a problem, please let us know. For younger children we require that at least one parent should be in attendance to supervise their party in our reception and car parking areas. I understand vehicles are parked at the owners risk.

Please digitally sign below to consent to the aforementioned.