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Head Over for a Game of Lazer Tag at Campaign

While Campaign is known for its fantastic paintball games, people rave about our lazer tag. And it’s especially a hit with those who don’t like to be hit with paintballs!

Families can bring kids along who can fully enjoy the day without having to contend with large paintball guns. Using infared technology, our rifles and pistols are suited for anyone over the age of six.

Our lazer guns have a range of 200 metres and let off a noise every time you hit someone else. You can easily keep track of how much ammunition you have left in the game as well as how many lives you have remaining. Their easy-to-use design means there isn’t a lot of downtime for explanations so you can start playing right away.

Whether you’re looking for a fun family day out, a quirky birthday day venue or you’re just searching for some fresh air and a fun place to spend the afternoon, our Surrey paintball site is exactly what you need.

With a 100-acre forest only a stones throw from London to run around in and our friendly and professional staff there to make sure your day runs smoothly, you’ll be coming out of our ¬†paintball site with a smile on your face (and decidedly less paint-smattered than the rest).