Trouble coming to town!


The real Dodge City

Fort Dodge, Kansas, opened in 1865 near the present site of Dodge City, Kansas. The fort offered protection to wagon trains and the U.S. mail service and served as a supply base for troops engaged in the Indian Wars. At the end of 1872, Dodge City acquired its infamous stamp of lawlessness with gun-slinging and its infamous burial place — Boot Hill Cemetery. Law and order came riding into Dodge City with respectable law officers Wyatt Earp and Charlie Bassett. They passed a law that pistols could not be worn or carried north of the ‘deadline’ which was the railroad tracks. The south side where “anything goes” was wide open. Buffalo hunters, railroad workers, drifters and soldiers scrapped and fought, leading to the shootings where men died “with their boots on”.

‘The most authentic ‘Wild West’ scenario this side of the Mississippi!’

Full size cowboy town, complete with Jail, Blacksmiths, Church, Bank and Saloon.

Yee haa!