The British Army has just suffered one of its biggest defeats to Marauding Zulu forces, mostly armed with spears and shields. Over 1500 troops were massacred. A short time after the main battle Some 4500 Zulu Warriors advance upon a supply station at Rorke’s Drift, defended by a tiny Battalion of 139 Welsh Infantrymen and a Royal Engineers Officer who happened to be in the area to build a bridge! Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded for valour, the most for any battle in history.

The Film ‘Zulu’ in 1964 dramatised the battle, with
Michael Caine uttering the immortal line
“Stop throwing those bloody spears at me”

With a full size frontier stockade in the heart of the forest, here is the chance to re-enact the film,
but this time without the Zulus (and spears)!