Abandon the gym - Exercise at Campaign Paintball


Exercise your way to a healthier 2019 at Campaign! Ditch the gym (and those pesky gym memberships) and get into the great outdoors for a session of paintballing or Laser Tag in Surrey. A mere 30-minute drive from London, it's easy to get to and once you do you're guaranteed something incredibly rare - a fun work out that you don't even notice is a form of exercise. A game of paintball is a great way to escape the winter blues - you no longer have to dread getting back into shape after the festive season's indulgence. And the best bit? You can do it alongside family and friends. Kids as ...

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Half Term Laser Tag - 20th October

Laser Tag

Half Term Laser Tag  - 20th February. Half term is coming up and children will be looking for something fun to do with their extra time. Although a lot of kids will be perfectly content to hide away in a darkened bedroom with the latest X-box game ( Don't mention the F word). Let us organise that same kind of action for real in a controlled environment whilst safely exercising outdoors?  LASER TAG IN THE FOREST What better way to enjoy the half term holiday than eliminating the Dark Tower of zombies or collecting gold from Dodge City? 20/2/19 12-2.30pm. Ages 7-13. To reserve places o...

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Come to Campaign for half term

For half term, our 100-acre wood will be populated by kids having the time of their lives this half term. If parents are worried about entertaining lively children, they can be happy knowing they'll at least have one day where the kids will come home tired. The kids can pick one of our 12 movie set-inspired game zones for their day. Once separated into teams, they can run amuck, dodging paintball bullets, avoiding Laser beams and trying to shoot that winning shot. Rest assured - they'll be perfectly safe too. With the new low-impact paintballs, high-tech protective gear, from fog-proof gog...

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Log fire to keep you toasty


It's that time of the year when the leaves are turning yellow and the temperature is dropping. However it's a wonderful time to get outside and so to make it more cosy for our customers, we make sure everyone stays warm. Having a 100 acre forest with almost an endless supply of logs means we always have a nice fire on the go in our custom built Gazebo. Not only that, each group is allocated it's own covered party table with free wifi, tea, coffee, water and even blankets available. So there is no reason not to have a paintball or laser tag party any time of year!...

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School Holiday Paintball & Laser days

The school holidays are here and it's time to get the kids outside for some healthy exercise in the fresh air. Keep the kids off the Xbox and arrange a trip to Campaign Paintball & Laser park. We are open on many days during the holidays including Saturdays and Wednesdays, so what are you waiting for, gather a few mates together and give us a call....

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Team Building


                  Never before has the need for corporate team building been any greater than today, where we are living in a world so consumed by fast moving technology and high company targets that we seem to have lost the camaraderie of the office. It starts from our daily commute in the morning, where we find ourselves pressed up against perhaps another 10 people on the tube, all the while staring into the screen of our iPhone, checking the news (bad news) and guessing who will be off work today through the previou...

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