Paintball games

Campaign paintball games are team sports that are sometimes compared to laser tag. The two individual teams are constantly working together toward one common goal. This team effort boasts not just teamwork, but communication skills as well.

There are two most commonly known ways to play a paintball game. One game is simply known as capture the flag. Where two different teams try to capture the flag and return to their home base without being hit. The second form is called a mass kill game. This essentially means that the team with the last player at the end of the game wins. Campaign Paintball Games can be played either in arenas or out in the wilderness, in our woodland site in Surrey. Most games last about 20 minutes.

No game would be complete without a few rules. Paintball is no exception. Following the rules ensures a safe and fun environment for all. One of the most important rules is the constant wearing of eye goggles or masks. This rule prevents serious eye injuries.

There must be a referee, which has a whistle, to start, stop, and end games. The referee will check for hits and mediate any issues that may arise during play. Remember, referees are essential to the game, so there is no need to argue their calls; what they say is law.

There are several different ways in which a player can be considered out. First, is to be marked. This is where a paintball hits and breaks on contact with the gun, equipment, or the clothing of that player. The second way a player will be removed from the game is to accidentally call oneself out. Splatter off a tree, for example, does not count, so it is best to have a spot check performed by the referee. Friendly fire is the third way players will be considered out. It does not matter which team’s pellet hits whom.

While planning your party its very important to consider the type of game you are going to play and the kind of equipment you are going to use. All paintball gun brands manufacture a number of High and Low impact products. The low impact products have become increasingly popular with younger kids. These paintballs do not sting or hurt as much.

Professional enthusiasts can choose from conventional paintball guns to high tech electronic ones. These are pretty serious pieces of equipment and the rate of fire is quite incredible. This is why protective gear is also very important ¬†as they shoot up to 20 paintballs a second. If you wear the right protective gear you don’t really have too much to worry about though. This is why these are a favourite with most enthusiasts.

Laser Tag

You could also choose from laser tag equipment. This is ideal for all ages from adults to  younger children.

The game mainly centre’s on scoring exponential points by tactfully “tagging” opponents with the beams. These beams are emitted through particular hand-held infrared devices. The players need to wear a special jacket or headband, which has several infrared sensors.

The origin of the game

The entire concept of this game roots its origin from the military teaching techniques. The military professionals use an identical approach to train their subordinates, to give them a hands-on experience similar to that of an actual battlefield. The history of the game also resembles several popular television shows and other movies like Star Wars. The theme of these films helped in framing the style of the equipment used in the gaming arsenal.

Technology behind the game: The overall quality of the game depends on the correct synchronisation of the hardware and software.

The scoring norms: The winner is the one who has maximum number of hits over his/her opponents’ targets and on return, has negligible hits on his/her body. The score also varies with the number of lives left, rate of fire and amount of beam emitted.

Campaign Paintball & Laser tag offer a flexible Laser Tag game which you can effortlessly play outdoors.

Traditional gaming stations have creative setups like boxes, podiums and several other raised structures, designed with walls or other broken boundaries to give an excellent feel of “hide and surprise”.

The game is more or less similar to paint balling. The only difference is, in place of beams, paintball uses colour filled balls to hit the target. The game is now crossing the boundaries and is gradually spreading its wings of popularity. So, if you have still not experienced this laser mania then without wasting much time, quickly indulge in the mesmerising world of fighting and re-invent your second childhood!

Both our paintball games & laser tag are played in Surrey woodland, not far from central London. The woodland is perfect for authentic skirmish action and a great outdoor experience. Players are given camouflage clothing and equipment with built in sensors that can detect the infra-red beam and are incredibly accurate to a range of 100+ metres. The equipment used is some of the most hi-tech equipment available to the laser tag market.