Top Paintball Tips



Top Paintball tips and useful information

Worried about getting shot
We have all heard the tales, you know like, being shot with a paintball leaves a bruise the size of a coconut!  There might of been a small amount of truth in that back in the eighties when things were less regulated and the paintballs were of inferior quality. However, these days paintball is very much a mainstream sport and has all the modern equipment including low-impact paintballs and markers, paintball body armour and full head protection goggles. Paintball is now played by 7 to 75-year-olds, so it can’t be all that bad, can it!

Paintball or Laser requires no level of physical fitness, you just take play at your own pace. You can run, duck and dive around all day like a headless chicken or be more tactical, thinking what to do and working as a team or you can hide in the’s completely your call.

corp7Wearing the right stuff
Common sense stuff really.. wear clothes that you don’t mind maybe getting dirty( mainly in the knees from hiding behind things) Dress for the weather and wear appropriate footwear – trainers are ideal or lightweight walking shoes. No sandals or flips flops!. We also recommend a thin pair of gloves, especially if it is cold.

Photo opportunities
There are some great photo opportunities when you are here at Campaign.. Team photos, Selphie’s, action shots. Some people even bring ‘Go-pro’ video cameras.

Keep your belongings safe
Please make sure your belongings are safe and will not fall out of your pockets. If you in doubt, just use one of our lockers. A £5 deposit required for a key. Paintball tip: Bring a refillable water bottle you can top up when required.

Arrive on time!
No need to arrive half an hour early (you will just be waiting) but do please arrive on time or 10 minutes before. Check Google maps before you leave home

Bad weather closures
Campaign operates in almost any weather. However, very occasionally (twice in 20 years) we will have to close at short notice because of exceptionally bad weather. This could include snow, ice or flooding which makes the access roads to us either un-passable or unsafe. If this happens, we will contact you and if we do have to cancel your booking, you will have the opportunity to rebook at a later time. 

Require more info?
If you have any queries not answered here, please contact us on 01932 865 999