‘Just order pizza with us, and we will arrange everything and have them ready for when the children finish the last game.’

pizza paintball party

Pizza Menu

Large 10 slice Margarita £18.99
Large 10 slice Pepperoni £20.68
Small 6 slice (unsliced) Gluten-free Margarita £15.49
Small 6 slice (unsliced) Gluten-free Pepperoni £18.99
Medium 8 slice Vegan Margarita £18.49
Medium 8 slice Vegan Pepperoni £20.99

How many should I order?

For an average 11-13-year-old, we normally suggest 3-4 slices per person and for a 6-10-year-old maybe 2-3 slices. You are also welcome to bring other nibbles and snacks as required.

For more information, email or call us on 01932 865 999