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Come to Campaign for half term

For half term, our 100-acre wood will be populated by kids having the time of their lives this half term. If parents are worried about entertaining lively children, they can be happy knowing they’ll at least have one day where the kids will come home tired. The kids can pick one of our 12 movie set-inspired¬†game zones for their day. Once separated into teams, they can run amuck, dodging paintball bullets, avoiding Laser beams and trying to shoot that winning shot.

Rest assured – they’ll be perfectly safe too. With the new low-impact paintballs, high-tech protective gear, from fog-proof goggles to body armour and camouflaged combat suits, they’ll be safe from injury.

Our paintball site is only around a 30-minute drive away from London and it has everything you could possibly want. We’re regular hosts of big groups of kids (not just for half term!), from as young as 10, for the past 30 years and have been a bit hit with college and university students as well.

We don’t offer just paintball,.Our lazer games are just as popular and if you want to go all out, you can book in some time to try out archery and axe throwing – our multi-activity events are a hit with all ages.

If parents want to come along with their kids this half term, The Black Swan pub is conveniently placed a short walk away from our paintball venue in Cobham. Everyone will be going home happy!