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Organise a school trip to Campaign Paintball

Head to Campaign Paintball for a fantastic school trip!

Escape the classroom and get out in the outdoors at Campaign Paintball in Surrey. Just 20 miles from London, the kids won’t have to wait long for the fun to begin.

Not only does a paintball school trip get the kids out and about over our 100-acre site, but it also helps them learn vital lessons you can’t necessarily teach at school. They’ll learn to work in a team, think on their feet, and creatively solve problems, all in a safe, fun atmosphere.

The best thing about it all is, it’s not stressful for teachers or schools to organise. Our expert staff will oversee, making sure everyone is safe and happy, and even teachers can come free with groups of 15 or more. The fact that Campaign Paintball in Cobham has hosted countless paintball and lazer events for schools, colleges and universities for 27 years, and still has everyone coming back for more, is proof everyone leaves happy.

From paintballing to incredible games of lazer tag in our forest, kids will have a ball! Dressed in full head goggles and body armour, no one will feel the paintball hits.

Whether it’s for a Christmas treat or Challenge Week at school, a day of paintballing in Cobham will be a hit with all ages!