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Book a session at Campaign Paintball for Mother's Day

While some mothers do genuinely want chocolates and flowers, why not do something different this year and take the whole family out for a day of paintballing near London? Sometimes, the quirkier the idea, the better.

Every year, people around the world frantically search for the right card, the most beautiful bouquet of flowers or most meaningful box of chocolates that will let their mothers know they’re appreciated. Sunday is Mother’s Day and it’s time to step up and surprise them with some paintball in Surrey.

Sure, cook them breakfast in bed and maybe even get them a spa treatment on the side but paintball is a hilarious way to go out and have fun as a family. While a bit off the wall, some mothers would genuinely love taking aim at family members that perhaps forgot her birthday or didn’t wash up the dishes last night.

Easy to get to, our Cobham paintball site is only a half hour drive from London. With high-tech, protective gear that will keep everyone safe and (mostly) clean, let her choose which of the 12 movie sets you all play on. If she’s a bit wary of being hit by paintballs, and some of your family are especially young, opt for our lazer tag games. With 100 acres of wood to run around, everyone will love getting an extra dose of fresh spring air.

At our paintball venue, she won’t have to prepare lunch (it’s provided) or entertain the kids and the husband (we’ll do that for you). Afterwards you can treat her to dinner (and maybe a glass of wine) at the Black Swan pub – it’s only 500 yards away from Campaign Paintball.

All in all, it’ll be a Mother’s Day everyone will cherish.