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Stags party it up at Campaign Paintball

The season is upon us – and no, not just Christmas. With winter comes romantic snowy weddings (if they’re lucky) and with it, an influx of hilarious stag parties. What better way to celebrate your friend’s upcoming nuptials by dressing him as a brightly coloured bunny so he’s an easy target? Campaign Paintball does it best!

Forget Vegas – Campaign Paintball is where it’s at! Just a mere 25-minute drive from southwest London and located over 100-acres, it’s the perfect place for rowdy stag parties.

At £42.95 per person, our stag paintball days are worth every penny. You’ll get to try out our fantastic 12 movie sets armed with the latest semi-automatic guns, 500 paintballs each, and even a smoke bomb or two. Our paintball site in Cobham even provides a ‘Stag hunt’ if you’re so inclined (even if the groom-to-be isn’t).

After a full day of fun and friendly competition, not to mention a BBQ lunch break, we’ll hand out trophies at a presentation at the end of the day. Head over to The Black Swan, which is only 500 hundred yards away – a great place to start drinking the day away!

And if you’re worried your antics later on will blur your memory of a day of paintballing at Campaign, have no fear – we can always film the day for you!

That’s not to say hens can’t join in on the fun! You can always see who comes out victorious with a game of hens vs stags. Let the best player win!