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Scouts visit Campaign Paintball London

Campaign Paintball loves welcoming Scout and Cub members to our hallowed fields. And luckily, they like visiting.

Our paintball site is a great outdoors venue for Scouts and Cubs to experience and where they can work together as a team towards a common goal. Not to mention that it’s a professional and well-equipped venue that holds full public liability insurance and is an accredited member of the UK Paintball Sports Federation.

We keep up the high standards Scouts and Cubs need to visit for a day of paintballing in Surrey. It’s approved by the UKPSF – it’s a fully accredited five-star rated member of The United Kingdom Sports Federation. This means that no only do you benefit from our staff’s great knowledge, charm and overall service but our high level of health and safety means everyone will walk out of our 100-acre fields happy, and in one piece.

Our health and safety is, in part, due to our high-tech gear. From full head protection goggles that prevent fogging (so you can see and shoot with ease!) to custom body armour, everyone from Beavers to Scouts will be given everything they need to make sure they’re safe while having fun.

For the young Beavers, we’ve got lazer tag that can be enjoyed by little ones from six onwards. It’s a non-impact sport that’s just as fun as paintball. Some adults even prefer it!

For eight to ten year olds, mini paintball is available. It comes with lighter guns and those paintballs hit with a little less impact – great for nervous kids.

Our regular paintball games (for ages 10 to 17) are loved just as much by teenagers as it is by adults. Run, duck and play across 12 different movie sets and strategise your way to victory. While a fantastic day out, paintball helps kids learn how to work in teams, gives them some much-needed fresh air and exercise, and helps their creativity grow.

There’s really no downside.