What is Forest Laser Tag?

Forest Laser Tag is completely unique, it’s the up-to-date version of Quasar / Laser Quest without the tacky outfits and old style equipment. Most importantly it is outdoors in the fresh air, with almost a hundred acres of forest to run around in.

The latest Laser guns are given to all players. These next generation taggers have a range of over 200 feet and operate in all weather conditions. Laser Tag it is completely non-impact ( ie nothing actually hits you) and is 100% safe. It’s perfect for anyone of aged 6 and over and also those that don’t like the idea of being shot with a paintball.

How does it work?

1.   Teams are formed and each side has either a blue or red barrel on their laser gun.

2.   Teams are taken out to one of 10 film-set themed game zones

2.   The objective of each game is explained. All players start a Laser Tag game with 10 lives.

3.   Teams start at their own bases which are anything from 75 – 150 yards apart – GAME ON! 

4.   When a player is ‘shot’ by anyone on the opposition team, sensors on the gun (and headbands if used) register the hit and 1 life is lost. (the gun makes an ‘arrrrr’ sound)

5.   Once a player has lost 10 lives, they are eliminated and unable to shoot again. Their gun will let them know by lights flashing red and shouting “man down, man down!” Depending on the game, players can ‘Respawn’

6.  ‘Eliminated’ players either run back to their ‘Respawn’ point which puts them straight back in the game or head back to the ‘dead zone’ and await the end of the game.

7.  When a team has successfully achieved the games objective or all of one team has been eliminated, then the game will end.

8.  You normally play 5-7 games in the 2 hour Laser Tag session

9.  At the end of play the staff with give a little summery of the day, announce the scores and give out certificates to any birthday boys or girls.

10. Children head back to their table for any pizza and birthday cake!